The Story of Saroj

"The one thing that got my attention the most as a child was Shadow Plays. I thought it was the best kind of entertainment ever!" - Saroj

I enjoyed it so much because it is light and funny. There are characters who imitate people in the village and they would tell folklores and different tales. As a child, listening to tales were my favorite thing, so I kept watching I kept listening countless of times because it was so enjoyable. No matter which group of shadow play artists were performing, I enjoyed them all. When they performed in front of the crowd I would laugh along with their jokes it was so much fun.


Shadow Plays by Saroj, Collection Now Available!

So when I was an art student I started thinking about things I like to do things that impresses me and I thought about shadow play and how I should give other people a chance to experience them too. Experience the use of color which make you feel the fun or the shadow of the night. These impressions are the things I want to showcase into my paintings, especially in this collection.


My name is Saroj and I'm an artist; a painter. My hometown is in South of Thailand in a place called Nakhon Si Thammarat. I’m most familiar with local artistry like shadow plays and my inspiration comes from the amount of time I spent watching these local arts being performed as a kid.

"Art comes in many shapes and forms and I choose to paint because it translates what I have in my mind most precisely." - Saroj

I like to use acrylic paint because it is convenient and easy to use. It also translates well with what I want to see in my artwork. Acrylic paint just works for me. Sometimes I like to switch things up when it better reflects my inspiration to my artwork, like changing flavors in food, I will use oil paint. However for this collection of artworks, Shadow Plays, I use acrylic paint for the most part. 

View the entire collection of Shadow Plays, Original Paintings by Saroj here!